Nutritional Therapy

Upgrade your health and wellbeing with 1:1 nutritional therapy sessions! It’s not about a set diet or meal plans, but about individuality and helping you to achieve your unique goals with the best possible foods & lifestyle for you.


Discover my 3 secret weapons to feeling sexy, sparkly and brilliant! Based on ancient herbal wisdom you can transform your foods and nourish your body with my range of bespoke supplements.

The Wellness Movement

This supportive 12 week programme has everything you need to know to lose weight and feel fabulous! Upgrade your eating habits and become part of a like- minded group to build your confidence and burst with energy. There’s no calorie counting or weigh ins & each week will be filled with challenges to propel you into action!

Corporate Talks

With a passionate, straight talking, no holds barred approach to healthy living, I can show you how to have lasting energy and create magic in your workplace. With workshops, talks, or consultations to fit into your busy schedule, we can creates amazing plans and propel you into action so you’re ready for everything!

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  • Jodie's detail and authenticity in her approach to working with individuals’ nutritional needs is truly remarkable. She consults with each client as specifically as possible to get a clear picture of what's happening at the root, which creates wonderfully life changing results.

    Niki Rein Founder of Barrecore
  • The best thing I have done for my health. I have changed my eating habits, I have more energy, lost weight, and inches off my waist. It's a win win!

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