6 Ways to Balance your Hormones in the Heat

Ahh Summer… the season we dream about for ages… and then can’t cope when our tiny fans fail to keep us cool! Gotta love it!

It’s definitely one of my favourite times of the year for wellbeing because everyone gets out a bit more, we all start connecting and socialising more, and things just feel generally happier and brighter. I think a lot can be said for healing yourself with good company and having people to talk to.

That being said, it’s also a time where the ice creams come out in full force, or it can go to the other extreme, where women are starving themselves just to feel good in a bikini. Either way, it’s not great for your hormones, so I wanted to share my tips for feeling amazing in the heat!

  1. Please eat

I know it can be tempting to cut food down in a bid to fit into those bum- shaping shorts, but honestly if you restrict your food intake too much, your hormones will suffer. Your body essentially thinks it’s in a famine and then in order to protect you from bringing a baby into a starving world, your reproductive system can shut down. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes calorie cutting can actually cause people to gain weight, as the thyroid freaks out and slows metabolism down.  Just focus on nutritious foods and chat to a nutritional therapist if you need extra support.

2. Stay hydrated (but from your own bottle).

Water keeps everything flowing and staying hydrated can ward off cramps, headaches, bloating, dry skin, and constipation. When we’re constipated our hormones start to recirculate and then things like oestrogen build up. So when it’s hot out you need to be drinking more than usual to keep your bowels moving. Carry water around with you wherever you go but try and get hold of a glass or stainless steel bottle, as plastic ones can leech nasty things into your water that can also affect oestrogen.

3. Make your own lollies!

Yes, you read correctly- make lollies for hormone health! Store bought ice creams and lollies can contain so much sugar and additives, which affect insulin, detoxification and in turn the rest of your hormones, so why not whip up a batch at home and have something on hand that will both cool you down, and nourish your body?! Try blending up 1 banana, 1 1/2 cups berries, and 1 can of coconut milk, popping them in cute shaped moulds and storing them in your freezer.

4. Avoid nasty sunscreens

I know, it’s a bit controversial here, but I hate sunscreens… or at least the big brand ones that you can get in every supermarket. So many of them contain chemicals that can mimic oestrogen and wreck havoc with health, that I choose to steer clear of them. Instead I either keep to the shade during the hottest time of the day, or use natural suncreams from local health food shops. My favourite brands are Alba and Green People.

5. Boost your BBQ

I love a good BBQ, especially when the smell wafts over me in the garden, nothing beats it! It doesn’t have to be all burger buns, crisps and lemonade though, just focus on boosting your meal with fresh veggies and delicious salads on the side of your protein, and keep the processed breads to the other side of the table!  Forget boring bowls of lettuce leaves… think roasted veg with quinoa and chickpeas, or making things colourful with pomegranate and fennel! Experiment and enjoy! Another thing to note is that burnt meat can cause  oestrogen to turn a bit nasty so make sure you scrape off the seriously charred stuff before you tuck in.

6. Swap your iced coffee for iced tea

If you’re feeling exhausted, caffeine can fuel the problem, raising adrenalin and in turn affecting those reproductive organs. Try swapping your iced coffee for something like iced jasmine tea…. It’s SO good, will help you hydrate (whereas coffee can dehydrate you), and you still get to feel like a classy lady sipping on a luxurious bevvy! Make a strong brew of tea, let it cool & add ice cubes!

Summer is a time where you can feel absolutely amazing, so embrace the season and help your body to thrive!