Becoming my own nutritionist

It’s a lot easier in some respects to a write post that’s very factual, comical, or full of useful information… and a lot more scary to write something pretty personal.

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Nutrition for mental health

World Mental Health Day wasn’t just something I could let pass me by without a public acknowledgement. Many of you will know that this subject is dear to my heart.

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Let’s Talk About Female Burnout

Currently, in the Western world there seems to be a massive push for equality and perfection, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that a huge number of women are struggling as a result.

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Tips For Healthy Travelling

It’s that time of year again where Instagram is filled with beautiful beaches, gyms are packed with 6- pack dreamers, and shops are launching their summer sales… so it can only really mean one thing… it’s holiday time!

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Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes

With constant access to information, you would’ve thought we’d be top of our game in nutrient knowledge, but sadly, food companies and the media have left us totally baffled

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