6 Reasons Why You’re Bloated

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms I see in women, with jeans being kicked to the curb in favour of something more comfortable, and concerns about looking 6…

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No Periods? Here’s Why…

Are your periods missing? There are a few main reasons as to why this may be happening, whether it's hypothalamic amenorrhea or PCOS, it's about getting to the root cause and nourishing the body.

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Why Your Periods Are Irregular

We might think that periods aren't that important unless we're trying for a baby, but actually our monthly bleed is a key insight into our ENTIRE inner health! Not only does our bleeding (or lack of it) tell us a lot, but the duration of our whole cycle and the consistency of ovulation is really important to be aware of.

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How the pressure to have it all is affecting our fertility

Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m noticing more and more that women are completely burnt out from trying to do and have it all. Whether it’s exhaustion, anxiety, intense period cramps, absent periods or fertility issues, something has taken its toll on women’s health. Could it be possible that this fierce striving for everything has left us incredibly depleted?

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How To Naturally Boost Your Sex Drive

The idea of not wanting sex can be totally trivialised, but really if libido is at an all- time- low, chances are something in the body needs a bit of TLC! As women, our desire for sex will definitely fluctuate with our cycle and, thanks to evolution, we should actually want it more around the time when we’re ovulating (shocker!) BUT if our sex drive is flatlining all the time and we’re just having sex because we feel we SHOULD have it, then we need to sort things out pronto.

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Christmas Eating Guide

With Christmas (and Chanukah!) right around the corner, I see the guilt plastered across everyone’s faces... . It’s a time of fun and fairy lights, yet women across the globe are already stressing about their winter weight and eating too many triangles from the Quality Street tin! UGH!!!

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Natural Hangover Remedies

Right, it’s that time of year again… party season… and rather than me telling you not to drink as it will wreck your hormones, I’m accepting defeat and I’m just going to arm you with the tools to help get your body back on track as quickly as possible! You’re welcome…

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