Nourishing Yourself When You Hit The Wall

To some degree or another we get to a point when we hit a wall, whether it be in our work, relationships, a project that we’re working on, or even our self- development. It’s a time of transition and a time when things inevitably have to change. This is such a natural part of life, and just as trees shed leaves and re-grow them, sometimes we need to do the same (not actually growing leaves and shedding them, but you get my drift…!)

Spring is a time for transitions; as the winter begins to melt away, signs of life pop up and people start to emerge from their cocoons. This change in season can bring about profound changes in our mindset and it’s difficult to put our finger on what is happening or where it’s coming from, but we know it’s there.

I’ve spoken to many people lately who can’t explain it but they either feel stuck, low, or a little bit lost. I think it’s so important that we remember just how natural this is.

To quote Elizabeth GilbertRuin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformationI love this! It’s not exactly hitting a wall, but sometimes ruin is what’s felt when things don’t go exactly to plan.

So anyway, the point is that we’re in a big time of transition, we may feel like we’ve hit a wall, and things around us may feel like they’re crumbling. So what can we do to truly help ourselves? SurrenderDon’t try to fight the sadness or the confusion, just roll with it. If you don’t feel happy or like you have it all together, it’s totally ok and totally normal. Accept what’s happening and know that it’s all part of a bigger plan. You gotta shed those leaves to grow the blossom!Get more sleepIf you’re feeling burnt out, sleep is so important. It’s also a place where you make sense of your inner thoughts and get to grips with your subconscious. Get a few early nights and let your dreams do the planning.Get out in nature, and get those feet on the floorI did this last week in the middle of a field… it was amazing. Not only are you grounding yourself with the Earth’s energy (there’s actual science behind this) but it gives you a chance to connect with nature and realise that you’re a part of something much bigger.Nourish yourselfNutrition can play a vital role in supporting this transition period, particularly with adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens do just that… adapt to your body and bring you back into balance. My favourite ones for mood are ashwaganda, rhodiola and reishi.LaughIt’s SO important. Find TV shows, read books or go out with people that truly make you laugh out loud, it can be so healing and revitalising. When you’re happy it can help release your negative thought patterns and get you out of your bubble. That’s when creativity happens and all the best ideas arise.Do something differentGet out there and do something you wouldn’t otherwise do. If you’re working all day or if you’re obsessing over a relationship, get out and run or dance, bake some brownies, or paint a picture. Do something that gets you out of your head for a while and gets you into something creative.Just do itSometimes if you’re stuck, you need a push in the right direction. I remember a few years ago I was applying for jobs day in and day out, desperate for an income and worrying about the future. I decided not to wait until I got a job, and went out to invest in a laptop. I concluded that I would spend the money and, with the excitement and professionalism I felt, it would inspire me to write more job applications. Well I did, I felt great, and a few weeks later I was employed. It just shifted the energy from feeling stuck into creativity. Then there was the time where I thought no one would ever want to be in a relationship with me, and I kept an outfit in my cupboard to wear for special occasions. One evening a friend asked me to go clubbing, I said no because I had a date the next day. As soon as I put down the phone I thought F it, redialled, put on that outfit and went out to have the time of my life. I felt amazing. When I got there, the guy I was meant to be seeing the next day was in the club (I kid you not!)… and what do you know, I looked and felt better than I had in a long time. To cut a long story short… he’s now my husband and I owe it all to that shift in energy.

Hitting a wall means there’s a transition period coming, it’s totally normal but can result in feelings of sadness, ruin and frustration. They key is to surrender but also to shift your energy by embracing opportunities and getting creative.

Remember, just as blossom appears on seemingly dead trees, your wall will lead to something better than you could possibly imagine.