Tips For Healthy Travelling

It’s that time of year again where Instagram is filled with beautiful beaches, gyms are packed with 6- pack dreamers, and shops are launching their summer sales… so it can only really mean one thing… it’s holiday time!


Whilst most of our thoughts turn to protection from the sun or stocking up on mosquito spray, there are a few other things we can do to ensure we feel our absolute best when abroad.First Thing’s First: Flying & Immune ProtectionNow when I talk about flying and mushrooms, most people thing I’m into illegal pursuits and start to edge away… but please hear me out when I tell you that some medicinal mushrooms are totally legal and have been shown to help with immune protection and calming those in-flight nerves!

On a plane, germs can circulate and so we need to ensure our immune system is on top form so we can actually enjoy our holiday when we reach the other side. Mushrooms like Chaga and Cordyceps are packed with immune boosting properties and antioxidants, helping to support the body in clearing any toxins, so can be great to include in your travel pack. Take a pot of Sparkle away with you and add to tea, coffee or simply hot water on the plane and sip away.Sleep TroublesNot only are there the aeroplane germs, but another thing to consider with flying is the changes to your circadian rhythm and sleep pattern. The fabulous hormones that help in this process involve the adrenal glands so it’s vital to support these guys if you want to kick your fatigue to the kerb. My favourite adrenal-loving herb is maca, which was used by Inca warriors for endurance and strength and helps the body to adapt to new situations. Maca is usually found in powder form, making it really easy to add into food or drinks.CirculationSitting for really long periods of time, especially on long haul flights, can leave you a bit fuzzy headed and it’s vital to help your circulation however you can. Aside from getting up to walk about, and doing some light stretches a few times during your journey, having a bit of Siberian ginseng can help from the inside too. Siberian ginseng has been know to help with blood circulation, and enhance blood flow to the brain, reducing those numb bums and fuzzy minds all in one go! Again, this can also be found in powder form either on it’s own or in our Brilliance Potion.HydrationDue to the dry air on a plane, you can tend lose a lot more moisture from breathing (true story!) and you tend to dehydrate quicker than you would in normal on-the-ground environments. Make sure you’re drinking a cup of water every few hours and monitor how you feel.Tummy TroublesLet’s face it, it’s the first things to go when we’re in exotic locations. Whether it be constipation from the flight, reacting to those extra hot spices in the local cuisine, or picking up nasty bugs, taking provisions for your tummy is a must. There is absolutely nothing better than arming yourself with some good old probiotics, which you can daily throughout your trip. Helping to balance your gut flora, probiotics can assist in any situation and get your tummy ready to tackle whatever it finds.

If you are one of those people who easily get constipated, eat a couple of fibre rich foods like prunes a day or 2 before you board the plane. Food takes a couple of days to work through your system so it should help keep things clean and clear after the ride.SkincareMy views on suncream can tend to be a little unorthodox, so I always encourage people to stick to natural brands and invest in the ones in health food shops if you want to protect yourself inside and out. Remember your skin is a massive organ and what goes on, ends up going in. I always prefer skincare without added nasties and the same goes for suncream!

To reduce skin damage from the sun, again you want to up your antioxidant game and consider either Chaga or Camu Camu, which is a fruit high in Vitamin C. Eating leafy green vegetables and fresh berries are also high in antioxidants, so that pre-flight super smoothie and the fresher side of the breakfast buffet could be exactly what you need to help your skin glow.

As well as sun protection, vitamin C from the berries and magnesium from the leafy greens, can help with fatigue, as well as any nervousness you get during your travels. A holiday- appropriate trail mix may include cacao nibs (also high in magnesium) and goji berries (vitamin C), not to mention pumpkin seeds, which are full of zinc (another mineral to help with the immune system)!

Most of the herbs mentioned come in powder form so you can mix up a little blend of your own to take with you, and add it to drinks or food throughout your trip.  Remember, laughter is the best health protection ever, so above all make sure you enjoy yourself and laugh til your heart is content!


Happy Travelling!