Are you a busy & burnt out mum
looking for extra support?!

Do you feel like you’re permanently knackered? Have uncontrollable mood swings? Do you feel so completely stressed that you feel like you’re going to explode??

Fear not mama, I get it, and am ready to help you!

Before having a baby there may have been the idea that everything would fall naturally into place, baby would just fit in, and you’d be able to get on with all the big plans you had for your life.

… And then the tiny human popped out.

Contrary to what the movies and media have you believe, taking care of a baby is bloomin hard work and can pull on every single resource you have! Nothing can prepare you for the impact of sleep deprivation and the hormonal surges after giving birth, and let’s not even go there with how hard breastfeeding is (does it ever end?)! It can all eventually take its toll, and after 9 months of pregnancy, nutrient levels can be at their all time low, leaving very little to keep you going.

I see so many women with big dreams, just completely depleted and burnt out wondering how they’ll ever get their life on track, struggling to make it through the day. You’re not alone, I promise.

With all this in mind, I’ve designed an easy- to- follow new mum package to really help you feel yourself again. We’ll use nutritional therapy and functional testing to help figure out what needs some extra support, and put a plan in place that can fit around your busy life.

Using my Psychology training I’ll also help you to regain your sense of purpose and feel like yourself again so that you can get back to being the superwoman you most definitely are!

Busy Mum Nutrition Package

What’s Included:

  • A bespoke nutrition plan, tailor-made to suit your needs, energy levels and time for cooking
  • Two in person or online consultations
  • One phone check in (20 minutes) to answer any questions and help keep you on track
  • A pack of my famous Mama Bites lactation cookies… to keep your new mama energy up!
  • A nourishing recipe pack & meal suggestions
  • Tailored supplement recommendations
  • Recommendations for functional testing, which may include:
    • An extensive thyroid panel including free T4, free T3 and antibodies
    • A basic nutrient panel including folate, iron, B12
  • Test result analysis
  • Exclusive access to me between appointments
  • A 10% discount on recommended supplements

*Please note- testing and supplements aren’t included in the package as I make bespoke recommendations for you.

Dedicating my time to your case….

Due to the time I spend with my clients, I only take on a few people at any one time to ensure that I can give you the energy and time that you need. To apply to work with me please click the link below, and I’ll let you know that I’ve added you to my waiting list or contact you to make your first appointment.

If you have any questions, we can also arrange a chat over the phone or Facetime to see how I may be able to help.

  • My sessions with Jodie lay the groundwork and provided me with the tools to get into the right mindset to conceive. We had been trying for a baby for several months and to be honest I don’t think there had even been space in our hectic life for a little addition up until that point. Jodie gave me an abundance of nutritional support, instruction, inspiration and tips that were very easy to implement. I learnt so much about my hormones and what needed to be addressed that within a few months I fell pregnant! Jodie had made me a bespoke nutritional program and I knew that no question or worry was too much to put to her. Jodie is incredibly supportive and positive, which in turn made me much more relaxed about the situation. Her ability to look at lifestyle factors as a whole hugely contributed to our ability to conceive so quickly after first working with her – anonymous

  • Jodie's detail and authenticity in her approach to working with individuals’ nutritional needs is truly remarkable. She consults with each client as specifically as possible to get a clear picture of what's happening at the root, which creates wonderfully life changing results.

    Niki Rein Founder of Barrecore
  • The best thing I have done for my health. I have changed my eating habits, I have more energy, lost weight, and inches off my waist. It's a win win!

  • After years of suffering with various symptoms diagnosed by my Doctor as 'IBS' - Jodie provided a thorough analysis based on my medical history and lifestyle which helped me to consider factors I hadn't even been aware of and make changes that had an instant effect. Jodie took a very personal and detailed approach which in turn has resulted in positive results and a further understanding of what I can do in the future to prevent nasty symptoms. Jodie is probably the only person who has managed to convince me to want to overcome my sugar addiction, and that's a huge achievement in itself!