Christmas Eating Guide

Ding dong merrily on fries…. Here’s your guide for festive eating! Fa la lalalalalala

Anyhoo… With Christmas (and Chanukah!) right around the corner, I see the guilt plastered across everyone’s faces. It’s a time of fun and fairy lights, yet women across the globe are already stressing about their winter weight and eating too many triangles from the Quality Street tin! UGH!!!

I don’t know why, but there always seems to be peer pressure to eat until you pop during the holidays and there is SO much sugar dressed up in pretty wrappers that it really can be so hard to resist.

Guilt and stress are NOT cool… so… here are my top 5 tips for getting you through the holidays!

1. Load up on the nourishing stuff

Pile up your plate with the veggies… think roasted carrots and parsnips, potatoes and brussels sprouts (I know, I LOVE them!)… and go for the turkey!! Unless it’s been cooked within an inch of it’s life and covered with sugar, you should be good to go!

2. Bring something you love to the table

If you’re worried about the dessert buffet then get baking and bring one of your favourite healthy desserts. There are such incredible recipes out there with good ingredients, just experiment and take it with you!

3. Pace yourself and check in with the hunger

It’s really easy to get caught up in all the chat and then look down to find your entire Christmas pud has vanished, so just “be mindful” (Ok I hate that phrase) and notice when you’re actually eating. Try and notice if you’re actually hungry or you’re just doing it out of habit too.

4. Send everyone home with leftovers

Whoever brought the mulled wine, the puddings and the family sized box of chocolates can definitely take them home… be sure to load people up with the stuff you don’t want so that you can move on with your eating the next day (maybe keep hold of the turkey and veg!)

5. Get over it...

Ok so just like 1 salad isn’t going to change your life, a couple of indulgent meals aren’t going to completely wreck you. DO NOT beat yourself up!!! If you’re going to eat things, PLEASE enjoy them (otherwise don’t bother!), and then get back to your usual eating the next day! Wake up the next morning and make yourself a supercharged healthy smoothie, drink loads of water, and eat loads of veggies!!


There are 2 ways you can take the holidays: feel guilty and anxious or enjoy the day and let the worry go! You don’t want to feel deprived OR out of control, so give yourself permission and go in with a game plan!

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