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Nutritional therapy can provide support for all stages of pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal care.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to get your body ready for a baby, or you’ve been trying for years to conceive, I’m here to support you through the next few months to truly optimise your health.

Nutritional therapy sessions can help with:

  • Unexplained fertility
  • Improving egg quality
  • Hormone related conditions including PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis
  • Support before and during IVF
  • Miscarriages
  • Essential nutrition for each trimester
  • Post-natal support for energy, breastfeeding, and weight loss

Fertility Support

My belief is that there’s always a reason for any fertility issues, and functional medicine is a fantastic tool to help uncover the root causes. Even if you have a diagnosis, there are many natural options that can help you get back on the path to great health!

It’s always amazing to witness how a few little tweaks with food, nutrients and lifestyle can have a profound impact on reproductive health, after all, it only takes 3 months to change the quality of your eggs!

Pregnancy / Post- Partum Support

If you’re already pregnant or have just given birth, this is the perfect time to optimise your nutrition, giving your baby the greatest start in life. It’s also a really important time to nourish yourself, and nutritional therapy can help with the healing process, boosting your energy, or getting the milk flowing during breastfeeding.

As part of all packages, I’ll assess your diet and lifestyle, past health history, and family health history to really understand your body and what’s going on for you in a 60 minute consultation. We’ll then create a suitable plan together, which may include recommendations for functional testing and supplements. At 4 and 8 weeks we’ll check in for a 45 minute follow up, going through any test results and adapting the plan as necessary.

Functional testing:

  • DUTCH hormone panel (including oestrogen, progesterone, DHEA, melatonin, cortisol, and the metabolites)
  • FSH, LH and prolactin
  • Genetic testing including MTHFR
  • Comprehensive stool test + parasitology
  • SIBO breath testing
  • Comprehensive thyroid panel including free thyroid hormones and antibodies
  • Nutrient profile including vitamin D, iron & ferritin
  • Heavy metal testing

(Prices of these can range from £90 – £500 but we’ll always work to your budget)


  • FREE 15 minute consultation

To assess whether nutritional therapy is right for you

  • Three Month Package: £260

Includes one initial 60 minute consultation, and two 45 minute follow ups

  • Six Month Package: £470

Includes one initial 60 minute consultation, and five 45 minute follow ups. This is recommended for long-standing fertility issues, multiple miscarriages, and more than cycle of IVF

  • Additional Follow Ups: £80

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