Are you ready to optimise your fertility?

As women we’re led to believe that falling pregnant should be quick, easy and totally natural, so when it isn’t it can be pretty stressful, with SO many unanswered questions.

No matter where you’re at, as a Specialist Nutritional Therapist I can help you strip everything back and get to the root cause of your fertility issues. Together we’ll work out why you may be struggling to get pregnant so that you can take back control of your fertility.

I work with testing companies, to give you a whole range of functional tests that we can utilise to help give you an in -depth look at what’s going on.

A whole body approach

Research has shown that diet and lifestyle can have a MASSIVE effect on fertility and hormones, so by bringing together Western science, Eastern approaches and mindset changes, we’ll aim to maximise your chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy full-term pregnancy.

Alongside my years of training in Nutritional Therapy, I also use my Psychology background to help you address any underlying issues that may be affecting your fertility. Our sessions will bring together the emotional and physical aspects of your health, allowing you to get back your sense of purpose.

Unlike other nutritional therapy packages, I work with my clients for three months, as this is how long one egg takes to fully mature and for hormones to shift and rebalance.

I want to support you as much as I can during this time so that you begin to see a real change in your health. Rather than seeing you monthly, we have fortnightly check-ins too, enabling us to tweak your plan and keep you as motivated and excited about the process as possible.

Who I work with…

Everything is bespoke and tailored to you as an individual or couple.

Whether you’re a genius in the kitchen or a high flying professional with no time to cook, I’ll create a programme to suit you and your lifestyle.

I don’t have a ready- made plan or protocol. It’s not about the carbs or calories, it’s about discovering why YOUR body does what it does, and how we can help get things back on track.

My fertility package is all about YOU and recognises the importance of support, and someone to hold your hand throughout the process. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming, I’ll help you to break down the science so that things are much more manageable and actually make sense!

What's included in the package:

Functional tests may include:

  • A complete hormone panel including oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, as well as cortisol
  • An extensive thyroid panel including free T4, free T3 and antibodies
  • Vaginal microbiome test
  • Stool testing to assess yeast, bacteria and parasites
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Nutrient panels
  • Food intolerance testing

Please note: the prices for these will vary.

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The price of this 3 month package is £897