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Fix Your Periods & fertility!

With small, weekly action steps. 

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Understand your unique body, and take back control of your AMAZING body with small but powerful nutrition, lifestyle & mindset upgrades!

I know it seems like your body is broken...

I know what it’s like to worry about your body, and be told everything is normal when you *know* something’s not right. Seven years ago I had my own scares. My periods and moods were pretty much ruining my life, and I was told I wouldn’t be able to have a baby without surgery.

I learnt that my diet, lifestyle, and hormones were at the root cause of it all. With an understanding and reconnecting to my body and some simple upgrades, everything changed, and I fell pregnant naturally.

Even if you have a diagnosis, research shows that it can take just three months to improve your hormones and even fertility success rate

This is what I’m here to share with you now…

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3 pillars to Fixing Periods & Fertility

Find the root cause 

Balance your hormones

Sync with your cycles

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The Female Health Hub

12 months of unlimited access to all video masterclasses, members only community & more.

Meet Your Host

I know what it’s like to be on a hormone journey… 7 years ago I was in agony with my periods every month, and was told I had polyps, borderline PCOS and suspected endometriosis. The doctors only answer was painkillers and surgery if I wanted a baby… and I fell into a huge hole of anxiety.

I wondered if I’d ever be a mum and if this would be my life forever. 

I did my own research to get to the root cause of why this was happening.

After a few months of balancing my hormones, I fixed my periods, fell pregnant naturally, and I now I’m here to help you.

Jodie Brandman

Nutritional Therapist & Founder Of The Female Health Hub

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12 months of unlimited access to all video masterclasses,  members only community & more.

The Female Health Hub Content

All masterclasses are taught via video recordings and include simple action steps to take that will transform your hormones:

1. Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

Regulate your blood sugar levels as this is at the heart of EVERY female health issue!

2. Deeply Nourish Your Body

Find out how to be sure that you have all the nutrients your body and hormones need to thrive 

3. Get Out Of Survival Mode & Manage Stress

Use real food and simple- to -implement lifestyle changes to buffer the effects of daily stress

4. Detoxify Your Body

Reduce toxin exposure and support elimination naturally, enabling happy hormones

5. Sync With Your Cycles

Understand how to track cycles, knowing when you’ll have the most energy, higher libido, be fertile, and when to slow down

6. Heal Your Gut

Deal with bloating, gas and IBS, potentially impacting your happy-hormone nutrients

7. Support Your Thyroid

Get the right tests, and my thyroid- healing protocol to ensure a happy period (and reduce risk of miscarriage)

8. Create a Happy Environment Down Below

Say goodbye to thrush, BV and UTIs which could be affecting your period and fertility

9. Heal Your Periods (Irregular, Missing Periods & PCOS)

How to naturally support these conditions without popping pills

10. Heal Your Periods (Painful & Heavy Cycles)

Extra tweaks and supplements that help eliminate pain and keep you on the toilet all day

11. Create Healthy Eggs

Forget AMH…. Learn how to improve the quality of your eggs with nutrition in just 90 days

12. BONUS: Support Healthy Sperm

You can improve motility and morphology just from a few diet and lifestyle tweaks

13. BONUS: Understand Immune Factors

Understand how your immune system can impact fertility and pregnancies

Join The Female Health Hub

12 months of unlimited access to all video masterclasses,  members only community & more.

What to expect from the membership

FAQs (please read before purchasing)

All masterclasses are presented via video recordings and you’ll get access to all content for the duration of your membership. 

A member who chooses the 12 month payment plan may cancel membership within the first 48 hours of enrolment for a £40 cancellation fee. After 48 hours the fee to cancel is the remaining cost of their membership agreement. The annual Membership option is final and there is no cancellation option.

The course addresses many different factors that affect periods and fertility. If you follow the advice, you’re really likely to notice your general health improve, happier hormones, moods, cycles, skin, and weight etc, which can result in a successful pregnancy.

No, unfortunately I’m not able to give 1:1 advice safely without getting your full health history and carrying out a consultation. However, as part of the course you will get a discount on my 1:1 services.

No, not at all. I will teach you about the foods that nourish your body and get you to experiment with how certain foods feel!

What I’ve learnt is that the women who commit fully to the course are the ones who get results, so refunds are not available.

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