Happy. Sexy. Chilled as f***

Thursday 17th March @ 7pm. 60 Mins Live on Zoom.
Price is just £33!

There is SO much going on in the world… it’s time to feel BETTER, right?

NOW is the time to feel happier, calmer and make 2022 a GREAT F***ING year. Not just mediocre, not just OK… but friggin GREAT.

Stress is linked to period problems, fertility issues, weight gain, skin flare ups, anxiety, depression… you  name it, a huge amount of health problems come down to stress.

Not cool.

But it’s not just emotional. Stress piles on because there’s physical stuff happening too.

What's covered?

We’ll be sorting out your diet so you know how to eat to calm your body down

Looking at exercises that build strength and prevent stress flare ups

Understanding how to work with your cycles so you don’t overdo it and push yourself into survival mode

And I’ll be sharing my self care toolbox where we look at different techniques to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the part that chills you out).