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My nutrition journey began when I was a late teen… I did all the things you were supposed to… going out, eating chips at 1am, studying with a packet of biscuits tied to my desk, freaking out about the meaning of life, and generally not taking much care of myself.

With that, I ended up catching the Epstein Barr Virus (glandular fever), had an awful relationship with food, and was given a diagnosis of IBS and anxiety, which didn’t really help in the slightest. Luckily though, I was shipped off to the health food shop and came away with a bag full of potions that boosted my immune system, calmed me down a bit, and kept me awake when I needed.


Jodie Brandman BSc, DipION, mBANT is a nutritional therapist based in London. Her specialties include female health and fertility, using functional medicine & DNA testing to support clients on the path to optimal wellbeing!

Jodie Brandman Nutrion Certifications

Around the same time I also discovered a book on macrobiotics and enrolled on a course to learn about the healing properties and energy of food. All of this made me realise that what we put into our bodies can have a profound effect.

Whilst I worked in mental health hospitals after graduating with a psychology degree, I could no longer sit by and watch medication be dished out with a slice of cake, and I wanted to things to change.

I needed to know how people could heal on a more cellular level and needed some scientific evidence, so I decided to undertake 3 years of study at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond, qualifying as a nutritional therapist.

Over the past decade I’ve pretty much used myself as an experiment, trying out different diets, using various supplements, and testing many alternative therapies, in a quest to feel utterly fabulous!

My mission now is to get you excited about food and inspired to take care of your health.

I aim to uncover the root of illness, using techniques from functional medicine to provide individualized health plans that will suit your busy lifestyle.

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