Natural Hangover Remedies

Right, it’s that time of year again… party season… and rather than me telling you not to drink as it will wreck your hormones, I’m accepting defeat and I’m just going to arm you with the tools to help get your body back on track as quickly as possible! You’re welcome…

First up… This is why you feel hungover

The liver deals with the alcohol, breaking it down and producing something called acetaldehyde. This is pretty much toxic and is found in high amounts in cheap booze!

If you’re gonna load up on alcohol, the first step is to avoid cheap red wines, dark spirits and whiskey as these have the highest levels of acetaldehyde. Instead, go for quality red wine  without sulphites (organic is better) and clear spirits.

Key signs of a hangover: dehydration, cravings, tiredness and nausea

What the liver’s actually doing

Here’s some of the science… (hold tight)

Step 1: alcohol gets filtered by the liver, enzymes do stuff to it and then it produces free radicals. These can be problematic for the body, so we need ‘antioxidants’ to lock onto them and escort them out. Free radicals are like the trouble makers of the party, and antioxidants are the big burly bouncers.

Step 2: the liver does stuff to make the acetaldehyde water soluble, allowing us to get rid of them i.e. we can have a good trip to the loo (both ways) and flush them out.

The thing is: a) you need your liver to be ready and raring to go and b) you need nutrients to be able to grab the toxins and get rid of them. SO think about it… if your body is dealing with loads of things like loads of boozy nights, junk food, pollutants in the air, stress, pills and all that jazz then this process is going to be slower. Plus, if your diet doesn’t have the nutrients, then it’s going to struggle more.

Basically… 1 night of mayhem isn’t going to wreck you but you need to look after yourself at all the other points in your week/ month/ year.

Hangover help

After the deed happens, the next morning just pick yourself up and sort that liver out. There are a few key things to put into your diet that will help:

  • Ginger

This amazing spice helps blood sugar balance, can settle your tummy and reduces the feeling of nausea. Either chuck it in your water, make a tea with it, or grate it over your life.

  • Greens

The answer to everything- green veggies contain nutrients that help with detoxification in the liver. Just add greens to your meals

  • Bananas

This magical yellow fruit contains potassium and magnesium, which are 2 minerals that the body looses when you drink. Potassium also helps with the tiredness and nausea

  • Eggs

If it’s been a rough night, start the day with eggs and a nice carb (you could try cracking an egg into your porridge (honestly try it!). Eggs contain l-cysteine, which helps break down the acetaldehyde

  • Berries

These fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps the whole detox process and boost the immune system. Snack on them to get the goodness flowing!

  • Water (I know, shocker!)

Water helps hydrate the body (alcohol dehydrates it) and helps in step 2 with pulling all the toxins out. You can also add some lemon in for an extra boost of vitamin C

  • Milk thistle

This is a herb that you can get hold of in tincture form in most health food stores. It can speed up detoxification and help your liver! It’s worth picking up a bottle and keeping it in your cupboard.

So there you go, 7 foods to help you recover!!

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