Stop Feeling Like Your Body is broken!

If you’re struggling with your periods, freaking out about the next one and hating being a woman, this course is for you!

Let’s say it as it is… suffering every month is common but it’s NOT normal, OK?!

All the symptoms pretty much point to a hormonal imbalance and it’s time to help you get to the root cause, without surgery or going on the pill!

This course is for you if...

This programme is for you if you have two or more of these symptoms:

If you have two or more symptoms

The good news? 

You CAN fix your periods naturally!

3 pillars to amazing periods

Find the root cause 

Balance your hormones

Sync with your cycles

What’s Included When You Join?

Total Value: £4,290.00

Period Fix In Six will cost a fraction of it’s value and you will get all of this for £467!!

Period Fix In Six
IS Now Closed

Enrolment Closes Midnight (GMT) Tuesday 2nd November 


My Story

I know what it’s like to have crazy periods. For years I had no idea when they it was coming and then when it did, I was doubled over in agony, vomiting and cancelling my plans in order to sprawl across the sofa.

I thought this was it for the rest of my life. 

The doctor’s answer was to go on the pill or take painkillers but that was it… there was no plan to get off them and no mention about fertility (other than possible surgery), so I felt hopeless.

I did my own research to get to the root cause.

After a few months of balancing my hormones, I fixed my periods, fell pregnant naturally, and I now I’m here to help you.

Jodie Brandman

Nutritional Therapist & Founder Of Period Fix In Six


The Period Fix In Six
Class Schedule

All live online classes are on Thursdays at 7.30pm GMT / 12.30 PT/ 3.30pm ET via Zoom. Classes run 90 minutes. Replays will be available each Wednesday at noon

1. Find the Root Cause & Understand Your Periods

Next Date TBC

2. Master Your Diet

Next Date TBC

3. Get Out Of Survival Mode


4. Heal Your Gut


5. Detoxify Your Body


6. Supercharge With Supplements & Sync With Your Cycle


Period Fix In Six
Is Now Closed

Enrolment Closes Midnight (GMT) Tuesday 2nd November 


What you can expect from the course …


All 6 classes are presented via Zoom livestream video on Thursday evenings beginning November 4th at 7.30pm GMT. There will be live Q&As straight after. All classes are recorded and made available the next day.

Yes and no. If you take this course seriously, do the work, and complete the weekly tasks, you will transform your understanding of your body and know how to care for it. If not, you won’t. Real change requires your full participation and it may take time (sometimes longer than this course, but you’ll have the tools to know how). It’s all up to you. I’ll definitely do my part!

Replays will be available after the session

No, not at all. I will teach you about the foods that nourish your body and get you to experiment with how certain foods feel!

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