Could ‘Seed Cycling’ Restore Your Periods?

Seed cycling is an amazing old- school practice based on the idea that consuming certain seeds at different times of the month can help regulate and restore your periods and fertility. It might sound bizarre but holistic practitioners and naturopaths are swearing by this method, especially when it comes to amenorrhea.

…So how does it work?

Phase 1: The Follicular Phase (Day 1- 14 roughly)

This starts on the first day of your period and typically lasts for 14 days, until ovulation. Oestrogen needs to be higher to start building the lining of the womb, although too much oestrogen can cause issues like heavy periods and PMS, so it needs to be pulled out the system.

During this phase, eat 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed & 1 tbsp of ground pumpkin seeds each day.

The flaxseed has properties that can boost oestrogen as well as bind to the excess. It also contains omega 3, which can help reduce inflammation, involved in most period problems!

Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which is needed for ovulation and is thought to help progesterone production for the next phase of the cycle.

Another supplement that can be great during this phase too is a good quality fish oil, rich in omega 3. This can not only help to reduce inflammation but also to regulate follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulates the follicle growth before an egg is released.

Phase 2: The Luteal Phase (Day 15- 28 roughly)

This begins after ovulation and so the goal here is to boost progesterone! Progesterone is really important for keeping that anxiety in check and also for maintaining the uterine lining, which is really important for fertility.

Typically this is from day 15- 28 of the menstrual cycle, however it will depend on how long your cycle is. Short luteal phases can indicate low progesterone levels, which can lead to fertility issues as the egg can fail to implant.

During this phase eat 1 tbsp of ground sesame seeds & 1 tbsp of ground sunflower seeds.

Sesame seeds are higher in omega 6, and the sunflower seeds are rich in selenium, which helps remove excess oestrogen in the liver via detoxification. Selenium is also really great for thyroid health! 

Irregular Cycle Or None At All?!... Follow The Moon

Don’t panic if you don’t actually have a cycle, or it’s completely irregular; It’s been found that following the moon can actually help bring things back into balance.

Start on the first day of a new moon and continue with flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds for 2 weeks, then begin with your sesame and sunflower mix.

Things to Note:

Be patient! It can take 3-4 cycles for hormones to balance out so if you’re going to try this method, give it some time to work.

Also, try and use organic, raw and freshly ground seeds. If you buy ready -ground seeds, they can go a bit yucky and you can loose the benefits.

Store everything in the fridge for optimal freshness too! 

Check out my seed cycling recipes:

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