How To Naturally Boost Your Sex Drive

The idea of not wanting sex can be totally trivialised, but really if libido is at an all- time- low, chances are something in the body needs a bit of TLC!

As women, our desire for sex will definitely fluctuate with our cycle and, thanks to evolution, we should actually want it more around the time when we’re ovulating (shocker!) BUT if our sex drive is flatlining all the time and we’re just having sex because we feel we SHOULD have it, then we need to sort things out pronto.

A low sex drive can be linked to things like blood sugar issues, thyroid imbalances, stress, low oestrogen, not eating enough and low nutrient intake, so here’s my top tips on how to sort that out and UP that mojo of yours!

Fall in love with chocolate

YES you heard me… chocolate comes from the cacao bean, which is a natural aphrodisiac (can I get a hooray?!)! The thing is, most chocolate is in bar form, processed, and packed full of sugar so has the opposite effect on our sex drive by messing with our blood sugar levels. What we CAN do is get hold of cacao powder and experiment with our own chocolate recipes. You can whip up an amazing chocolate mousse in seconds by blitzing some avocado with dates and cacao powder! Honestly it’s SO good!

Up your iron intake

Low iron levels have been linked to low libido, and if you’re having periods, have recently had a baby or have issues with digestion, your iron levels could be low. Cram in some iron-rich food to your diet like dark green leafy veg (e.g. spinach), beans and pulses, or red meat and see if that improves. I often recommend getting your iron levels checked, especially if you’re also experiencing fatigue, so it may be worth running this past your doctor.

Get in the fish

Oily fish like wild salmon, sardines and mackerel are rich in omega 3, which is a healthy fat needed for our hormones, brain health and reducing inflammation in the body. In turn this massively helps with boosting our sex drive, so look at including 3 portions of oily fish each week.

Consider an adaptogen

Adapta-what?! An adaptogen is essentially a group of plants that have been used for hundreds of years in healing medicines to help with stress in the body. One particular adaptogen called Maca is a root from Peru that has been thought to help with fertility, mood and boosting libido. You can add it into smoothies and away you go!

Stay hydrated

The majority of our body is pretty much water so when we’re dehydrated every function can suffer including our desire for sex! Make sure you’re getting 6-8 glasses a day to keep things flowing!

Stay away from libido- stealers

Things like sugar, alcohol and caffeine have a nice way of wrecking our sex drive long-term so if you’ve got mojo issues then consider giving these a miss for a while and see how you go. Stick to natural foods, herbal teas, and water at the bar!