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For females who want to sort their life out & feel amazing again…

Coming early 2020

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You're knackered ALL the time (even if you've slept!)
  • Your moods are swinging all over the place
  • Your periods are a nightmare... you just don't know what's going on
  • You have PCOS/ endometriosis / irregular periods/ thyroid issues
  • You want to eat chocolate/ crisps/ anything all day long
  • Your skin & hair is ruining your confidence
  • You have fertility issues or unexplained infertility
  • Googling all your symptoms is stressing you out even more

You KNOW it's gotta change, right?!

Do You Want To...?

  • Understand WTF is going on with your body
  • Feel like yourself again
  • Actually be calm and happy so you can enjoy life
  • Have regular, pain-free periods... meaning you can socialise
  • Feel in control of your fertility
  • Have glowing skin and the body you really feel confident with

What you need are ACTUAL proven methods to boost your life & feel amazing!


The Members' Club

The Members’ Club for amazing females who just want to sort their life out…

If you want to cut out the overwhelm and the bore- your-bum off diet plans, and you’re ready to feel energetic, happy and chilled, this is the place for you!

The Members’ Club is packed with in-depth info and loads of support. Plus, the extra community support to make sure you’re on track to feel like yourself again!

Support & Help from a Nutritional Therapist

Have questions about your health? Need to know if bananas are OK in smoothies?! Is gluten-free a fad? With Live Q&As you’ll get to ask a nutritional therapist!

Life- Changing Resources & Online Videos

Access my easy- to- follow, evidence- based nutrition videos so that you can understand how your body works & take back control of your life!


Exclusive Community & Group Support

You’ll be part of an exclusive members- only Facebook group. You’ll get constant support, network & make friends & share your life upgrades!

What's so special about the Members' Club?

  • It's a nutrition, feel- good membership site with life changing content... this is a completely new concept!
  • As a Nutritional Therapist specialising in women's health, you get access to my proven, science- based content that ACTUALLY works!
  • You'll have constant support from me along the way
  • You can watch the videos and learn at your own pace, whenever you've got time

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Launching early 2020

Hey Lovely!

I’m Jodie… registered a Nutritional Therapist specialising in women’s health & fertility! Woohoo!

After helping hundreds of other women to feel like themselves again, boosting their energy & happiness, I’m sharing all my insider knowledge…

From helping women banish PMS to getting them ready for baby-making, I’m here to show you just how nutrition can change your life!

What Others Are Saying...

“Normally a few days before, I’m ready to kill and really lethargic. Yesterday I got up, ran 8 miles and went to a concert… danced all night and woke up to a period!”

“I’m over the moon with the help I’ve received from Jodie and honestly didn’t think I’d notice the difference so quickly! My PMS seems to have completely balanced out, my nails are the longest they’ve ever been and I haven’t stopped receiving compliments about my skin!”

“I learnt so much about my hormones and what needed to be addressed that within a few months I fell pregnant! I knew that no question or worry was too much to put to Jodie. She’s incredibly supportive and positive, which in turn made me much more relaxed about the situation”

“Since I’ve been following Jodie’s nutritional guidance and tips my acid reflux is completely gone, my energy levels are stable, and I even managed to have a natural period! On top of all that I’ve managed to lose some weight, despite eating more than ever and not killing myself in in the gym”

Who's the Members' Club for?

Who it IS for

  • Women who want to make long term changes to their health & happiness
  • Motivated women who aren't just going to watch videos & never do anything
  • Women who want to finally understand their bodies & take back control!
  • Women who are ready to take responsibility for their life!

Who it's NOT for

  • Women who love complaining but don't want to follow advice
  • Women who want a quick fix diet
  • Women who want their life sorted out in a few days (It can take a bit of time...)
  • Women who want to eat whatever they want and refuse to make changes

Here's What's Inside...

  • My 4 Step Hormone Balancing Programme
  • Science- based info uncovering WTF is actually going on in your body
  • The TRUTH about what food does to the body & which foods can fuel you for a fab life
  • Everything you need to have loads of lasting energy throughout the day
  • How to understand your body’s cues & what to look for at different points in your cycle
  • All you need to know about supplements
  • What tests you can do to take back control of your health
  • Foundations for life free from anxiety & rage


(Coming soon)

If you’ve got any questions or want any more info then please email me and we can have a chat!

Want to become a member?

 Join the waitlist so that you’ll notified when the doors open!

Launching early 2020