The Menstrual Cycle – Finding Our Own Rhythm…

We get up in the morning, pick up energy during the day and chill in the evening (well at least most of us do…). News flash: this is GREAT for how testosterone works and it’s a great rhythm for men.

We are not small men.

We have a different kind of rhythm. One that’s based on a monthly cycle. It’s called an infradian rhythm and something that we HAVE to start becoming aware of if we want to soar as females.

I wish they taught this in schools. As women we are MEANT to ebb and flow with our moods, our energy levels and our appetite, but instead when we can’t do that intense work out at certain times of the month we just conclude we need to push ourselves further or our body is broken.

Listen up ladies, it’s time for a change. 

Our cycle starts in our Follicular Phase. I equate this to Spring time.

The Follicular Phase

Our hormones start to rise, our energy in turn goes up and we start to PLAN. This is a time for creativity and deciding what we want out of life. It’s a great time to start projects, we have more stamina, we crave food less and we want to be socialising.


Then it gets to Summer and our hormones peak; Testosterone is high and we’re feeling sexy, our libido goes up, we’re able to communicate more effectively, and we can probably do quite well with more intensive exercises. 

The Luteal Phase

Then comes Autumn. We have a bit of that extra energy for the first part but then things start slowing down. Our hormones start falling and we begin to turn more inwards. It’s a time for analysis and fine tuning. Our appetite goes up ad we prepare to nourish the body (in case we’re pregnant- it’s a very beneficial mechanism). Progesterone is higher meaning we’re likely to want to nest, slow down on the exercise and just chill out more. 


Menstruation is amazing, it’s our Winter. It’s a time to take stock of our lives, reflect and use this time of intuition to figure out what’s working and what’s not. As hormones have dropped, we probably dont have much energy to do anything, which is important to honour. Like an arrow needs to pull back to spring forwards, we need this time to rest so that we can be who we truly want to be in the world. It’s magical. 


If we honour these distinct phases of our cycle we’ll find we don’t have as much PMS, we flourish more and we tap into our amazing creative superpowers to smash our way through life! It really is incredible once we tune in!

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