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Ready to have amazing periods
and boost your fertility?

As women we’re led to believe that crazy periods, mood swings and feeling knackered is perfectly normal, and that falling pregnant should be quick and easy.

Let me tell you now- that’s not always the case! Most of the time us women can be left feeling pretty rubbish about our bodies and have SO many unanswered questions.

Whether it’s your moods, weird periods, bloating, skin, weight, fertility issues or you’re just feeling exhausted, don’t panic… I’m here to sort you out!

As a Nutritional Therapist this is my absolute passion! I’m here to help you figure out what is going on, so that you can feel like your amazing self again and LOVE your female body! Hurrah!

A whole body approach

Our health, happiness and fertility is HUGELY affected by our diet and lifestyle choices, so with a few food upgrades and mindset shifts, you can completely change your life!

Whether it’s been going on forever or just a few months, I look at the body like a puzzle and help you to figure out what’s going on. Using Western science, Eastern approaches and a bit of Psychology, I can help you to understand things and give you the tools to get back in control.

Is This You...?

Trying to work it all out on your own can be SO hard… I get it, and this is why I’m here to help!

My Packages

Everyone that works with me starts their journey going through my nutrition foundations in The Female Health Hub. 

The Female Health Hub is an online platform packed with video masterclasses, Live Q&A sessions and recipe downloads, designed to help you really understand your body and make lasting changes in just 90 days. For more info please click here

If you want to go a bit deeper and have a private consultation with a personalised nutrition plan then please see the options below…

90 Day DIY Transformation

Price: £197. Click here to find out more and become a member

90 Day Personal Transformation

Price: £597. Please Email me for more info (only available for people in the UK)

90 Day VIP New You

Price: £1527. Please Email me for more info (only available for people in the UK)

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in either the Personal Transformation or VIP New You plan and you’re not 100% sure it’s right for you then make sure you book in for a FREE 15 minute Nutrition Strategy Session!

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Or… to get to know me a bit more and for your daily dose of nutrition magic… head on over to my Instagram or Facebook , where I share my top ticks and tricks for a healthier life!